Is a type of hair extension that latches onto natural hair using flattened micro-beads or metal cylinders. While they’re sometimes synonymous with micro links, technically they are different.

“I-tips differ because they are individual pieces of hair that are used with a cylinder piece that all inter-loop around a person’s natural hair,” 

  • Ideal for Medium to thick hair . 
  • Avoid the use of oils or conditioner on scalp or near the beads.
  • Duration of application 2 to 4 hours. 
  • Will last 3 to 4 months. 
  • Average head will be 100-200 strands for a full head. 
  • Flexible, will allow you to wear your hair in any style. 
  • Offer access to your scalp.

Fusion Extensions use small keratin bonds that are melted, shaped, and reformed around the hair to create a sturdy, long-lasting connection. Hot fusion extensions attach strands of hair to the client’s head with a keratin-based tip. The process uses a heating element to attach or fuse the keratin bond and extension to the client’s hair. Since human hair is 95% keratin, the fusion method is safe, comfortable and long-lasting. 

A distinct benefit is that, they require less overall maintenance than other methods. Hair comes in individual strands of hair that help ensure that once the application is complete, the hair blends well and looks natural. 

  • Last for two to 4 months. 
  • Natural appearance 
  • Long-lasting durability 
  • Simple removal process. 
  • Ideal for Fine to medium hair. 
  • 3 to 5 hour full head application. 
  • Low maintenance and up keep. 
  • Manageable for any styling 


Individual Brazilian knots

Brazilian knots hair extensions, also known as the Brazilian hair extensions, the Italian knot technique, and elastic fusion, are a strand-by strand hair extensions technique. This hair extensions method derives from Brazil Extensions are applied strand by strand with a special thread technique.

The elasticized thread that is used has been especially designed to avoid any sort of damage to the hair and to allow for a high level of creativity and versatility in the styling methods that can be used. It also creates an incredibly strong yet flexible bond that is durable while being very kind on the hair around it. 

  • Can be worn 3 to 5 months. 
  • Up to 5 hour application 
  • Maximum flexibility and access to your scalp 
  • May feel a little tension the first few days of application 
  • Suitable for any hair type 
  • Not glue or heat involved 
  • Easy removal 
  • Braid-less sew in (Beaded weft or microlinks)

    Is a technique that allows hair extensions to be applied to the hair without the natural hair being braided down as a base. The beads create a base for the hair extensions (bundles) to be sewn down, where you can then sew the tracks through the micro-links and sew the natural hair to the track hair. 

  • Invisible beaded weft

    For the invisible hair extensions, the installation process differs from a regular install. The idea is that you can’t see the beads at all.

    • Painless  
    • Will last 2 to 3 months  
    • More volume due to the weft 
    • Desire for all hair textures 
    • No bulkiness / flat to the head
    • Durable  
    • Add fullness and length  
    • No glue or heat required for application 
  • Brazilian knots on weft

    This is a hair extension method that sees new hair added and
    secured by a number of fine threads added throughout your hair and the weft .
    The additional hair is added by tracks securing it with very tiny Brazilian


    Will last 3 months


    Ideal for oily scalp

    Achieve Maximum volume

    Use on all hair textures

    Desire to wear hair down.

    No flexibility or acces to scalp